Electronic employee record

Create, send, sign, and store documents quickly and securely with eHR


How does еHR make the HR department's work simpler?

Creation of electronic employee record

All documents from current paper employment records can now be digitised and stored online.

The system provides easy access to documents from each employee’s record and creates a user-friendly digital archive.

Step-by-step creation of electronic documents

With eHR’s Wizard assistant, you can easily make electronic documents, one step at a time.

The system offers a wide variety of ready-made forms for key employment documents. There is also an option to create custom documents based on the client's needs.

Flexible hierarchical structure

In eHR, you can create various types of users and control their rights and access to specific system functionalities.

Option to set default actions for specific employees, order, and responsibilities for approval and signing. Email notifications included.

Coming soon an integration with

Microsoft Google calendar

Electronic delivery of documents

With eHR both the employer and the employees can send documents electronically.

Actions are verified through qualified time certificates, making the electronic delivery of documents legally valid while saving time and courier costs.

Employers can send multiple documents to different employees, each with personalised content, all with just one click.

Electronic signing of documents

Easy, fast, and secure signing of documents by all company employees.

Employers sign using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), and employees with an Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES), created by the system at no cost to either party.

Ability to sign many different documents at once with a single click.

Reports for documents and labour files

With eHR, you can make instant enquiries and reports for an employee or a group of employees.

All documents are well-organised, and searching for them in the system is easy and quick.

Every day, eHR helps businesses in Bulgaria to optimise their
processes and save valuable time and resources.

Here is what our clients are saying.

"With eHR we easily solved all our problems with the large volumes of paper and its storage. This was extremely important for us as a team working entirely in the digital world. Another great advantage is the eHR team - they are always available to assist and provide feedback. Last but not least, the product is quite affordable."

M. Hristova, Camplight

Hire employees three times faster with eHR

Save time and resources by swiftly creating, sharing, and signing documents.