Digitise your leaves management

Put an end to the ineffective processes of creating, approving, and signing requests and orders for absences


How does the Leaves module simplify your work?

How long does it take you to review, approve, and sign all your employees' leave requests? With eHR, it’s a matter of seconds!

Fully electronic management

Simplified process with automatic document generation, no manual filling required.

eIDAS and EU GDPR compliant

Expertly designed in accordance with all Bulgarian legislative requirements.

One click - many actions

Approve and sign the leaves of all your employees with a single click.

Free signatures for employees

Built-in AdES, eliminating the need for installing other signing applications.

Coming soon an integration with

Microsoft Google calendar

What is included in module Leaves

Leaves management

Forget leave requests on paper and chaotic Excel spreadsheets. eHR's system allows you to manage all your employees' absences online.

Automated processes let you track used and remaining leave days, and submit and approve absence requests in seconds, without the need for paperwork.

Submission of absence requests

Employees have instant access to their remaining days off and can submit new requests in seconds without filling in paperwork, thanks to the system's convenience. Requests are signed using an integrated Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES).

eHR is mobile-friendly, allowing employees to conveniently request unpaid leave, sick leave, or other types of absence on the go.

Convenient tracking of absences

Track used leave and sick days for the current calendar year. Now it's easy to recall and calculate absence days for past and future periods.

Employers have the option to record an employee's absence when the employee is unable to do so.

Simplified and automated signing process

Employers sign using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), while employees use an Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES), automatically created by the system at no cost to either party.

Access management and configuration of a sequence of actions (by direct supervisors, department managers, etc.) based on your company's hierarchical structure. Notifications for upcoming actions.

Approval and signing of multiple documents

With numerous absence requests pending approval and signature by the employer, they can be processed simultaneously.

There is no need to approve individual leaves separately; you can do it in one action for a large number of employees.

Planning and tracking employees' absence

eHR provides managers with access to a shared calendar, which brings together all team members' absences in one view. This streamlines the leaves planning process within the department. Additionally, there are statistics available, detailing the number of absences annually, categorised by type of leave and department.

Digital Form 76

A detailed monthly report is provided on the scheduling of employees in each department. This report is updated to reflect absences recorded in the system, along with each employee's working and non-working days and the total hours worked.

An option to include data for additional worked hours and days off for each employee.

Digital archive and instant reports

All documents related to employees' leave and sick notes are stored in a digital archive, which is part of the employee electronic record. This ensures no risk of document loss, easy tracking, and accountability.

The system enables the generation of both summaries and detailed reports, which can be seamlessly integrated into your payroll management software.

Every day, eHR helps businesses in Bulgaria to optimise their
processes and save valuable time and resources.

Here is what our clients are saying.

"The system's foremost advantage lies in its capacity to be customised to meet the unique needs of each client, whilst also offering the benefits of standardised, ready-to-use solutions and documents that are integral to the product. A key ecological aspect of this software is its paperless approach through digitalisation, an important feature in today’s world. It not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also facilitates considerable savings in terms of office space, storage, resources, and time. We are confident that eHR represents the optimal solution for managing employment records in a company, fully compliant with all legal requirements."

Rumen and Tsvete Obreshkovi, Andiel Parker Russel

Save valuable time and minimise errors. Manage your employees' leaves online with eHR.

✔ A perfect solution for businesses with remote workers

✔ Streamlined process with no need for filling out paperwork

✔ Instant reports

✔ Automated process which saves time and manual effort

✔ A user-friendly system

✔ Approve and sign multiple leave requests in seconds