Create, sign, and share documents five times faster

A convenient digital solution that saves you time and resources.


Manage all leaves electronically

Approve and sign numerous absence requests with a single click.


Digitise the processes of creating, processing, and storing employment records

Help your HR department be more efficient with eHR.


Many actions, just one click

Work efficiently and quickly, thanks to automation.


Why choose eHR?

We believe that implementing innovative solutions helps businesses be more efficient by reducing operational work and saving time and costs for owners and their employees.

100% compliant with the law

Fully compliant with European and national legislation, eHR facilitates a smooth and trouble-free process during inspections by state authorities.

5 times faster processes

Studies with our current clients show that using eHR increases efficiency by 5 to 20 times compared to the same process on paper.

Easy onboarding

Working with the system is easy and intuitive, allowing your employees to start using it within a few days.

Outstanding customer service

You can rely on our dedicated team for assistance with eHR, as well as for developing additional functionalities when needed.


Regular security testing and maintenance of backup copies. Malicious traffic analysis and multi-level filtering. Two-factor authentication and end-to-end encrypted connection.


We support the idea of saving as many resources as possible in the production and sharing of paper documents, thus protecting nature and helping our clients save over 75,000 pages of documents annually.

Coming soon an integration with

Microsoft Google calendar

Our solutions for more efficient HR processes

Creation of electronic employee record

All documents from the employees' records can be created and managed online. Thanks to the built-in electronic signature (AdES), your employees can sign documents for free, without the need for additional hardware or software.

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One click, many actions

The system allows you to create, approve, share, and sign a large number of documents at once, with a single click. The multi-action feature saves a lot of time and simplifies your work.

Receive and approve leaves conveniently and in seconds

Our Leaves module allows you to manage your employees' absences from one place. It eliminates the need for creating absence or sick leave requests, thanks to the system's automation.

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100+ documents templates

Free access to ready-made templates for the most applicable employment document, with the option to create them in English.

Our goal is to help you make your HR processes more efficient

Digitise your employees’ records and save valuable time and resources with eHR.

How our customers rate eHR


of our clients prefer digital document exchange after using eHR

9.6 / 10

HR professionals would recommend our system to their colleagues

95 %

retention rate among our clients who use eHR long-term

4.6 / 5

is how our clients rate the convenience of using eHR

98 %

of our users share that creating profiles in the system is easy and straightforward

4.9 / 5

is how our users rate the support provided by the eHR team

Help your HR department be more productive with eHR

Digitise the processes of creating, managing, and storing employment records, and share documents more easily than ever